About our company

ISA Technology is a family run business and the premiere service provider of technology and print & copy services in the Curepe junction (Eastern Main Road) area. We have been in business for the past thirteen years and have grown from small shop to a fully-featured diverse service company at the forefront of the tech and print & copy service name in the area. Conveniently located on the Eastern Main Road opposite the Curepe Priority Mall, we are an easy access point for many customers. Our reliable services are competitively priced and are rendered to walk-in customers, business, schools and Government offices.

We have a full line of computer hardware, computer accessories, software and video game, stationery and school supplies. Other services also include computer diagnostic/repair, tablet repair, graphic design, computer training and a small internet café service. Our goal is to serve the needs of our clients with our expertise and professional care.
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